March 2014

2014 Production Reel

For the initiated, in production terms that is; a reel is a collection of the best work from the previous calendar year. The company, or videographer, or editor or whomever representing the work will compile the video into a collection of the best shots. These shots will showcase the varying skills, crew members involved, or style. In reality there is no specific rules to composing a video reel. It all depends on the person and the audience they are trying to reach. It is an important part to note that they have to capture your attention in short form style, like a commercial, so if you’re in the market for a video, and if it doesn’t captivate, then it was definitely not good enough.

We took a different approach to our video by compiling several shots that showcase an assortment of our completed works. Yeah, it’s loud, it’s out there and it grabs your attention, that’s the point. Our assistant director worked closely with our team to put the video together. He came up with various drafts to start off, this means the beginning route of what to use was not really specific. It took 3 different cuts to get the right one on track.

From there he composed several ideas to flow with the video soundtrack. To attract attention, he wanted something untraditional. The theme song from the cartoon series, Cowboy Bebop was the perfect choice because of its obscurity and horsepower. Most evident are the underlying levels of various instruments that come in and overpower specific points of the song, and then hide again only to come back and steal another segment of the song.

With this as a base, we added some impressive shots from all our major productions. If you noticed the grid, it represents the many images that may not get significant screen time. Some shots didn’t flow with the final product, so it was an opportunity to give them a shining moment. Apart from this graphic there are various camera movements, steadi-cam, and drone footage that made the final composition unique and powerful. They also showed our technique of getting any subject matter on film beautifully.

2014’s 3D Animation

We also had a significant amount of 3D Animation done the previous year, so we wanted to utilize a specialized segment to capture the audience’s attention to the level of skill and detail that went into composing them. We are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish for our clients. So it was an obvious choice to take advantage of the different projects that were done throughout 2013.

If you’re in the market for impressive work like ours, definitely contact us and we can get started right away. Look for a similar post on our blog soon that will look further in depth into the work!