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Aerial Services

We are excited to announce that we are now offering aerial videography services to our clients!  This has been one of the biggest waves in the production world since the GoPro camera but we provide a professional team to support the goals of the project. FBF is staying on the cutting edge side to offer the best opportunities to clients so here is what you can get from aerial footage:

  • Indoors, and Outdoors
  • Weddings
  • Marathons
  • Parties
  • Racetracks
  • Land Survey
  • Training and Educational

This helps see what we can’t cover from the ground, so if your planning a major event and want to impress your guest with a great view, you can have our drone operator fly up our cameras and get the shots you need. With our services we provide more than a consumer camera for your project. FBF can film on a 5D Mark III and get much higher quality HD footage.

This is just a small sample of what can be done.

BBB Accredited Business

BBB 2014

We are proud of receiving the Houston BBB Awards for Excellence 2014. Flashback Films has worked hard to receive their first local award and this is just a small step forward to what we have been developing with our clients in the long run. We strive to over deliver and continue producing great and memorable work.

Are you still considering the capabilities to a video? To put things frankly,  dynamic creativity leaves an impact. This is due to one conversation that drives to multiple outlets, from a branding perspective to a HR training video. We specialize in delivering the right message the first time. Let us show you the capabilities of video and how that can impact your organization or project.

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Production Gear

Completing a video project, requires the right set of tools. FBF not only owns a great collection of equipment for audio, film and lighting, we are a group of professionals that can manipulate the right tools to best film any setting.

FBF Studio


We operate a fully equipped studio for any type of  production.  At our studio we can control all of our surroundings, with proper lighting, audio recording and creative can flow freely. With FBF’s creativity, you can practically put yourself on any location you can imagine with our  green screen back drop.  We strive for great images for our clients, so controlling every aspect in our studio will give our clients the benefit of having the best possible options.

Call today to find out more!




FBF has an arsenal of lenses to choose from to make sure your images are crispy clean. The lenses we use can be interchangeable and used for a variety of production shots. Sometimes, it’s not always the camera that gets the pretty images, you can rely on the FBF team to use the right gear every time.

Cinema Camera


The Sony FS700 is our flagship camera. The FS700 is a major asset to capturing the right image, and all of our team members are experts in operating this cinema camera. The versatility the camera offers is another major reason why you will know that your paying for the right work. It can shoot in 4k, 2k and 1080 p resolution. Those are fancy terms for the vast range of quality you get in the image.

Excerpt from B&H – ” The Super 35mm sized sensor matches that of standard film and digital cinema cameras. It accepts interchangeable E-mount lenses, as well as a variety of 35mm SLR and DSLR lenses and professional cinema lenses with the use of optional third party adapters. On-board, the NEX-FS700R shoots full 1080p video in a range of frame rates up to 60p, with bursts of up to 240 fps in full HD resolution and 960fps at lower resolutions. When used with the HXR-IFR5 Interface Unit and AXS-R5 Recorder, you can record continuous 2K RAW at up to 240fps and 4K RAW at up to 60fps. 120fps 4K RAW recording is possible in 4 second bursts. This makes the NEX-FS700R a high-speed, 4K camera ready for professional shoots such as indie films, commercials, corporate videos, and music videos.”

ARRI Light Kit

Proper lighting is the difference between a well lit image and an amateur set up. Our ARRI light kit can fit any demand needed on a set. Our team will perfectly fill in the right amount of light to showcase your images.


We operate a RED ROCK MICRO rig for our Cannon 5D Mark III and Sony FS700. Not every shot can be attained on a tripod, sometimes, we like to keep our feet loose and on pace with the action. This gear helps us achieve that.

Offshore Technology Conference


We like to officially announce that the FBF team will be at this year’s Offshore Technology Conference. Follow our site and Facebook page so you can catch us out there during the week long event. This is a small recap of the services and importance of proper visual communication that Flashback Film Productions can provide to your company.

[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157635169461221″]

3D Animation

No longer out of reach for small corporations. It is now more affordable than ever to create rich, digital animated graphics. These videos can be short, long and full of detail on your equipment, your newest upcoming technology and a training video. There is no shortage to what can be down with 3D animation. Imagine rolling out your latest product and having key industry members sleep over the announcement. Avoid that by and see how we can push your efforts beyond what your competitors are doing. We encourage you to look at our work, see how we can best help you and your industry take advantage of what you can achieve by working on a video project.

Live Event Recordings

You have a big event coming up that requires the industry to follow every word? You have it covered with our professional team.  We have done several major live event’s from corporate conferences to live music shows. These videos will show your competitors how your standing out by leading the charge for field. These events can help synchronize, collaborate and set standards for your latest projects. We have the expertise to maximize the best of the event’s and put it out to the world to share. Lead the charge.

We are excited for OTC, because this will be a great opportunity for our team to showcase the value of proper video communication for the energy industry. See y’all there!

St. Arnold Pub Crawl 2014

We are proud to bring you the completed video for the St.Arnold Pub Crawl at Onion Creek. This year we were able to make stops at all the venues and follow the crowd that enjoyed every drop of beer. The video will give you a recap of our involvement with Houston’s food and beverage scene. Look out for our FBF signature touch!

At the FBF offices we have been progressively been growing our team and developing a talented group that will bring all the bells and whistles to the project. In this project we are happy to let you listen to the audio work of Kamau Andrae. He is responsible for the theme of the song, the audio of the interviewees, and is one of the most valuable assists to our team. Audio pro’s with his versatility are worth their weight in gold.

Most noticeable in the video is the audio track developed by Kamau.The track is mellow and easy going to not over power the final video. We let him take the audio production on his own so he can develop a track that didn’t need to be too aggressive or overpowering. An easy going guitar riff and the laid back feel make’s for a Texas original production.

Check out the video at :49 and watch our actors go to town on our money shot. We have the bottles facing the viewer and the actresses enjoying a delicious-looking lunch. Our director acted quickly and got us the shot in no time. We then then composed the different takes and dropped them in the middle of the video.

We look forward to future videos with these major Houston based companies and developing something new for clients that are looking for something similar.

2014 Production Reel

For the initiated, in production terms that is; a reel is a collection of the best work from the previous calendar year. The company, or videographer, or editor or whomever representing the work will compile the video into a collection of the best shots. These shots will showcase the varying skills, crew members involved, or style. In reality there is no specific rules to composing a video reel. It all depends on the person and the audience they are trying to reach. It is an important part to note that they have to capture your attention in short form style, like a commercial, so if you’re in the market for a video, and if it doesn’t captivate, then it was definitely not good enough.

We took a different approach to our video by compiling several shots that showcase an assortment of our completed works. Yeah, it’s loud, it’s out there and it grabs your attention, that’s the point. Our assistant director worked closely with our team to put the video together. He came up with various drafts to start off, this means the beginning route of what to use was not really specific. It took 3 different cuts to get the right one on track.

From there he composed several ideas to flow with the video soundtrack. To attract attention, he wanted something untraditional. The theme song from the cartoon series, Cowboy Bebop was the perfect choice because of its obscurity and horsepower. Most evident are the underlying levels of various instruments that come in and overpower specific points of the song, and then hide again only to come back and steal another segment of the song.

With this as a base, we added some impressive shots from all our major productions. If you noticed the grid, it represents the many images that may not get significant screen time. Some shots didn’t flow with the final product, so it was an opportunity to give them a shining moment. Apart from this graphic there are various camera movements, steadi-cam, and drone footage that made the final composition unique and powerful. They also showed our technique of getting any subject matter on film beautifully.

2014’s 3D Animation

We also had a significant amount of 3D Animation done the previous year, so we wanted to utilize a specialized segment to capture the audience’s attention to the level of skill and detail that went into composing them. We are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish for our clients. So it was an obvious choice to take advantage of the different projects that were done throughout 2013.

If you’re in the market for impressive work like ours, definitely contact us and we can get started right away. Look for a similar post on our blog soon that will look further in depth into the work!

Steps 4 Students 5K Run 2014

This weekend we had the full Flashback Film Productions team all over the city. The annual Steps for Students was a major success. This year we were able to set ourselves up with more man power, more equipment than last year’s video. Below is the video we put together for last years shoot.

The project has grown as much as the race has for the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. We are proud to have been able to have the solid team to cover all the action that went down this past Saturday.

Steps for Students required 3 drone planes, a runner attached to a GoPro, a cinematographer, an audio assistant, and a photographer which translates to tons of footage to put together a recap of what all went down.  You can bet that our crew was running as much as the competitors who supported the event. They went from section to section covering as much as possible and getting all the smiling faces. Follow our blog for the final cut of the video later this week!

We would also like to thank the staff at the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, they were key personal in wrangling all our interviewees and helping put the run together. We are excited to continue building relations with the companies that sponsor the event for the future!

Supporting Excellence In Inner City Schools

In effort to continue bringing you exciting content, we have a new post that shows the excellence of our work. We have had the pleasure to work with the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. The relationship we have built over the short span of time has shown tremendously in the final product.

Working with Cardinal DiNardo has been  a pleasure. Very humble and professional, and he is always prepared. Like the work he has done in the Galveston-Houston community, we brought the same level of energy and spirit.

The amount of pre production for this video in hours is uncountable. Getting the schedules of many VIPs was key to producing this video. With a tight deadline, and many man hours of work to be done we saw an opportunity to try new workflows that were ended up being turnkey and successful in putting the final video. We are proud of the success of the video and what the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston mean to our city!