St. Arnold Pub Crawl 2014

We are proud to bring you the completed video for the St.Arnold Pub Crawl at Onion Creek. This year we were able to make stops at all the venues and follow the crowd that enjoyed every drop of beer. The video will give you a recap of our involvement with Houston’s food and beverage scene. Look out for our FBF signature touch!

At the FBF offices we have been progressively been growing our team and developing a talented group that will bring all the bells and whistles to the project. In this project we are happy to let you listen to the audio work of Kamau Andrae. He is responsible for the theme of the song, the audio of the interviewees, and is one of the most valuable assists to our team. Audio pro’s with his versatility are worth their weight in gold.

Most noticeable in the video is the audio track developed by Kamau.The track is mellow and easy going to not over power the final video. We let him take the audio production on his own so he can develop a track that didn’t need to be too aggressive or overpowering. An easy going guitar riff and the laid back feel make’s for a Texas original production.

Check out the video at :49 and watch our actors go to town on our money shot. We have the bottles facing the viewer and the actresses enjoying a delicious-looking lunch. Our director acted quickly and got us the shot in no time. We then then composed the different takes and dropped them in the middle of the video.

We look forward to future videos with these major Houston based companies and developing something new for clients that are looking for something similar.